Phil Crossland

Managing Director

Nickname’s Uncle Phil, I’m involved in everything at ewe - unfortunately for the team! We’re here for a good time, not a long time…

Steve Moncrieff

Strategy Planning Director

Loves red wine, dressage, daughter, wife, the hound, Yorkshire, geek, customer experience, social media and things that make me think. Hates, I’ll let you know if you become one.

Kate Mannion

Account Director

I love every aspect of modern integrated agency life but my favourite medium of communications is carrier pigeon. Miss Marple act-a-like and lover of parasols.

Jodie Soulsby

Digital Project Manager

Lover of learning and sharing cool new stuff which is pretty handy in my line of work! Full time advocate of better user experience, part time woman of steel.

Vicki Nahajec

Account Director

Uber organised with the ability to spin many plates, I enjoy the fast pace of Agency life… at home I’m a Made in Chelsea addict and Mum of 3!

Caroline Crossland

Office Manager

Organised perfectionist. Lapsed runner now trying to master Pilates! Been making things tick smoothly here since 1990.

Michael Barber

Head of Creative

Striving to listen twice as much as talk, and infuse creative, innovative ideas into every piece of work that passes through these stone walls.

Debbie Stewart

Business Development Director

AKA The Queen of Cheese – having spent 25 years in the world of Cheese, Dairy and FMCG marketing and still love it. Love the challenges of new business – and bring a certain je ne sais quoi to client meetings.

Chris Beddoe

Studio Manager

Seasoned studio manager with a keen eye for detail and a penchant for zombies. It’s all about artwork and braaaaaiiiiins.

Charlie Crossland

Front End Developer

Don’t follow the rules and never listen to 'we've always done it that way’! Love digging deeper in to code to help create websites that look and work better

Tom Blythe

Voiceover Pro

Ey up. Not content with being an Account Executive, my dulcet South Yorkshire tones can be heard on many a ewe-produced video. 

Charli Keeling

Social Media Executive

Loves learning and keeping up with everything going on in this social world. Unable to sit still for long…lover of travelling and exploring, being outdoorsy and tearing up the dance floor.

Sean Wilkinson

Social Media Executive

Striving to learn as much as possible from the ‘been there, done that’s’ in this ever changing, digitally evolving world! Lover of sports and a football fanatic – LeedsLeedsLeeds!

Duncan Kirkbride

Executive Chef of PowerPoint

Outside of work it’s all about the board - with a lifelong passion for skateboarding, and an unhealthy dose of snowboarding, surfing and mountain biking on the side. In work it’s always been about colouring in.

Jack Redman

Account handler

You’re looking at the fruitiest member of the team, I help keep things ticking over to ensure our clients are the happiest around! Out of work - foodie come gig goer slash football mad.

Olga Zukova

Can you see
yourself here?

We are always interested
in meeting new faces. If you have some creative, digital or client facing skills and want
to join the ewe team contact Phil Crossland on:

01943 872 505

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