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Safer Places of Worship

Responsive Website Design

The Problem - Congregational & General Insurance had an outdated advisory website, Safer Places of Worship. The site had grown considerably since its original build, leading to a massive sitemap that was convoluted and repetitive with subjects being covered in multiple areas. The site was created to be a useful tool, instilling a sense of their expertise and knowledge in safeguarding places of worship; however, it was beginning to have the opposite effect, with users calling their contacts at Congregational & General to find out information that they could not easily find on the website.
It also became apparent that some people were attempting to access the website on mobile devices whilst on site at their place of worship, the lack of responsive design meant that it was virtually unusable on mobile devices.

Our Plan - We were asked to redesign the website, and took the opportunity to not only overhaul the sub-brand identity and make the site responsive; but also completely restructure the site, accommodating new users with easily signposted starting points of interest and general information, as well as utilising a robust search function and a mega menu for quick access to drill down into specific topics for returning users. By analysing the content we were able to organise the vast amount of information into a user friendly sitemap and page structure, using colour coding to help the user recognise which section of the site they were in.

The Results - Congregational & General now have a fully responsive website that adds value to their target audience. The website is accessible on mobile devices so that it can be reviewed on site; it is easy to navigate and identify related topics as well as external links that back up any advice given. Website traffic and the site’s performance has improved monumentally since the re‑design.

Getting to grips with the myriad of information was certainly a challenge, but we knew it would pay dividends. The resulting site is not only attractive, but really easy to use.