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Lifelong Learning Centre Social Marketing, advertising and consultancy

The Client - The Lifelong Learning Centre (LLC) is an extension of the University of Leeds aimed at giving people a chance, or second chance, at studying. They offer an extensive range of courses on both a part and full-time schedule. 

The Problem - The Learning and Teaching Course had a relatively low take-up and the LLC team tasked ewe with raising awareness through Social Media, Facebook and Twitter in particular, with the ultimate aim of increasing sign-up. 

Our Plan - We undertook a “Listen & Learn” exercise, which allowed us to fully understand the target audience, identifying their drives and challenges. We decided to centre the campaign on real people and real experiences, highlighting the benefits and flexibility of the course as well as support available. We pulled together a 3-month plan that included daily tweets with a bespoke hashtag, new images posted on the Facebook page to stand out amongst the regular content as well as regular Facebook advertising. 

The Results - The social media content drove a large amount of new users to the specially designed website. With the help of strongly targeted Facebook advertising campaigns, we were able to introduce new users to the LLC Facebook page and provide 8 direct social conversions. All this activity lead to a 4502% increase in reach on Facebook and returned 440 new page likes. 

ewe were really great at explaining marketing via social media to complete beginners, and gave us loads of fantastic tips to build on our campaign and improve our social media presence in the long-term.

Georgina Collins, Lifelong Learning Centre