increase in online
enquiries per week


response rate from
the initial DM campaign

No 1

frozen vegetable ingedient
supplier in the UK


Branding, Web & DM

The Problem - Hartleys are the UK's leading frozen vegetable supplier whose state-of-the-art facilities, high standards and rigorous QA attracted customers the likes of Heinz, Baxters, Ella's Kitchen and Covent Garden. They have fantastic levels of customer satisfaction, but were not telling anyone, and therefore limited their opportunity for growth.
Despite struggling with market share and image; heavy investment in their facilities meant that they were way ahead of the competition; they just needed to convey this to their target audience by also investing in a strong marketing strategy.

Our Plan - Our objective was to reposition the brand, increase awareness, and ultimately, market share. By identifying the brand's core strengths, we set out on a journey to ensure that Hartleys' brand identity measured up to the calibre of the work they were doing and the clients they served. A new brand and accompanying 'The Facts Don't Lie' campaign was born; communicating their story and benefits perfectly.
We applied the new brand identity across multiple channels including website, online video, brochures and signage, whilst adding gravitas and endorsement by referencing existing customers. We then used SEO, DM and email marketing in a highly targeted and personalised campaign to raise awareness within their key growth markets. 

The Results - Above all, our work helped to achieve trust in the brand. In such a high risk market this was very important. Hartleys reported an increase from an average of 2 to 8 enquiries per week from the online activity alone.
The DM campaign only began in April but has already achieved a 7.7% response rate which we anticipate will improve with a follow up email.

We are delighted by the results Ewe have helped us to achieve, it just goes to show how much good creative, highly targeted campaigns and data segmentation can achieve in growing our customer base.

Tom Verity
Managing Director