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The Challenge - Congregational & General have been running the Faith Through A Lens competition since 2009 and ewe have managed the competitions web presence. ewe were tasked last year with the requirement to update the existing website and deliver a Responsive Web Design solution which would have the capability to be updated annually for the next few years and would be able to be managed in a greater capacity by the Client. 

The Solution - ewe delivered a revitalised Faith Through A Lens website in terms of functionality, web build and design. The site was built to the principles of Responsive Web Design using the Bootstrap framework and the back-end of the website was built in Ruby on Rails to accommodate and manage the four distinct stages of the competition (Pre-Competition / Competition Opens / Competition Closes / Awards Ceremony). The CMS allowed the Client to manage the change of the website over the different stages and allow the Client full control of the content of the website.

The Results - ewe managed the delivery of the website through approval of the websites structural design through Information Architecture, the design process and on sign-off the build. The Client was pleased with the User Experience as well as the functionality and flexibility offered by the new website and the client has been pleased by the uptake in competition entries.

The platform has been reliable and stable and utilises bespoke code to deliver a hard working web solution for a popular photography competition.

Darren Labbett - Account Director

Delivering a responsive web design solution