fully personalised statements
sent bi-annually


ever segmented investment statement from Aviva


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Investors Statement Mailing

The Problem - Aviva Investors were sending out their investor statements with a generic customer magazine to the whole of their investor database. They identified a need to communicate targeted content to their investor database, thus engaging with them in a more meaningful and relevant way. They came to ewe for a print solution and our brief was to develop the project from there.

Our Plan - We first looked at the different investor profiles and how and why we might speak to them differently. We began to collate content relevant to each investor type and interesting articles and appropriate advertising was developed for each segment. We designed a highly personalised A4 booklet with tear out bi-annual statements, sitting alongside relevant content specific to each type of investor and the investments they currently held with Aviva. This ensured an engaging and informative read and facilitated cross-sell of other Aviva products. Iconic London imagery was sourced and developed as a creative theme to give the piece maximum standout.

The Results - The piece was well received across the business and across Aviva Investors’ customer base. The statements are now produced in this way going forward and themed to reflect current affairs. Increased customer engagement was achieved encapsulating the Aviva brand positioning of putting the customer at the heart of everything they do.

We couldn’t have launched the Structured Investment products without you. I would be very happy to work with you again.

Rob Windle
Aviva Investors