increase in conversion response rate


increase in conversion sales response rate


reduction in conversion cost per sale


Protection Strategy Refresh

The Problem - Aviva needed to move away from a ‘one size fits all’ campaign strategy and look at how they used media to move customers and prospects through a journey. Clearly customers needed the right level of information at the right time to help them through the decision making process.

Our Plan - The direct mail and email activity was focussed around 4 core programmes - Acquisition, Conversion, Upsell and Expiry/Winback. A template based approach was adopted, meaning that communications could be targeted to multiple customer segments in the most cost-efficient way.

Copy and creative was tailored to life stage and segmentation. This included relevant and interesting content which changed over time and invited customer engagement.

The Results - Prior to the strategy refresh, Aviva Protection generated a reliable amount of enquiries and a moderate level of quotes and sales. To date the latest results are still not fully mature for most of the programmes, but the greatest improvements have been seen across the Conversion campaign. The development of a brand new suite of direct mail and email content has achieved improved performance against all key metrics.


Thorough in their approach, innovative in their design and professional in every way, Ewe have done a fantastic job in helping to breathe new life into our marketing campaigns - the results speak for themselves.

David Broomhead
Direct Marketing Consultant